An Interactive Art and Film Project by Kennedy A. Callahan

Imagination * Creation * Transformation


This is Kennedy A. Callahan's art and film venture, The Galatea Project.
According to Ovid’s mythic story, Pygmalion once loathed all women until
he created an ivory statue using the likeness of a woman, a perfect
female, and ironically fell in love with her. Aphrodite, the Goddess of
Love, could not overlook this passionate scene and brought this stature
to life under the name Galatea (meaning "she who is milk-white"). The
variety meanings and interpretations behind this tale could be to give
second chances, to accept that love is not defined in one construct, to
open one’s mind to possibility, or to gather a new perspective and dig
deeper than the surface knowledge. However, let’s take it up a notch.
TheGalatea Project takes this myth and turns it on its end. Each month, a
white mannequin torso will be open to individuals or groups to
draw/paint/write anything desired on the mannequin. A theme will be used
for each month to inspire the inner artist(s) to release their
emotions/thoughts/feelings and transform a blank canvas into a soulful
collage of beauty and unity and even healing. This is a project of
transformation and celebration of the human spirit. Like Pygmalion we
pour our soul into our creation and like Aphrodite, we breathe life into
what was once an inanimate figure into a clone of our deeper selves.
This is a reflection of self, a voice of the unheard, the acceptance of
humility, the festival of differences, the pageant of the absurd, and
the bravery of the vulnerable.
Won’t you join me and transform with Galatea?

This three year project will have an impact on the artists as well as
the student community at the Columbus College of Art and Design, where
Kennedy attends. Her goal is to engage students in artistically
expressing themselves thematically around subjects that are deeply
meaningful and potentially transformative for people struggling with
issues related to the themes. Examples of themes include body image,
celebration of seasons, religious iconography, women's health, cultural
representations, mental illness, environmental issues, pop culture, body
modification, positivity, and much more based on input from
participants and observers.
    Be a part of the project through The Galatea Project GoFundMe page at
    Contact Kennedy at [email protected] * Ask questions * Request themes * Apply for team or thematic month * Suggest ideas * Give helpful advice
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Check here often for the latest developments - more to come soon.
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Won’t you join me and transform with Galatea?